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Re: How many consoles can conserver support??

Steve Lammert slammert@panasas.com
Thu, 28 May 2009 19:43:43 GMT

I have two Conserver installations, one managing nearly 1800 lines and the other nearly 1200. All lines are telnet-based (to Cyclades/Avocent terminal concentrators) on a private network, mostly at 9600 or 38400 baud.

We replaced our old SPARCstation (Solaris 8) when it started to get a little pokey at 800-900 lines. Our current systems are early 64-bit Xeon (2-core) and aren't working very hard at all. I don't expect any need for further upgrades for some time to come.

Hope this helps,

Carl Zwanzig wrote:
Rob wrote:
Does anyone have any real life experience monitoring 100's of consoles???

Maybe 6-7 years ago, we had a 400+ port setup on a single freebsd box. There were 256 consoles on a cyclades gigantic serial expander board and the rest on terminal servers. I don't recall any problems.

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