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Re: How many consoles can conserver support??

Mark Wedel Mark.Wedel@Sun.Com
Thu, 28 May 2009 20:16:05 GMT

Steve Lammert wrote:
I have two Conserver installations, one managing nearly 1800 lines and the other nearly 1200. All lines are telnet-based (to Cyclades/Avocent terminal concentrators) on a private network, mostly at 9600 or 38400 baud.

We replaced our old SPARCstation (Solaris 8) when it started to get a little pokey at 800-900 lines. Our current systems are early 64-bit Xeon (2-core) and aren't working very hard at all. I don't expect any need for further upgrades for some time to come.

On a T1000 I have 700 consoles - most are actually getting the console connection over ssh scripts to SP's of various systems.

I'm not sure what the exact startup sequence of conserver is, but that is the most likely case of running into issues (hundreds of ssh or other init commands running at the same time)

In the case of the 700 consoles, looks like memory utilization from conserver on those is around 200-400 MB. CPU utilization is pretty trivial.