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Re: Raritan Dominion SX Console servers.

John Stoffel john.stoffel@taec.toshiba.com
Wed, 9 Nov 2005 07:47:26 -0800 (PST)

Mike> I am looking to buy some new console servers to work with
Mike> conserver. The most attractive thing I have seen so far is the
Mike> Raritan Dominion SX. We will get the 48 port model.

I like the Digi CMxx series of console servers.  Simple to use,
compact, a sane admin interface, etc.  

Mike> The reasons I like it are that it has a faster processor than
Mike> most.  Processor speed is 200MHZ to Cyclades 66MHz. This will
Mike> help with those slow SSH connections. And the price is the
Mike> lowest I have been quoted on so far.

So what are your primary issues?  Are you trying to put the console
server on your production network and secure them by using SSH to
connect from Conserver to the console?  

Is there an option of setting up a private network which only the
console server uses to talk with the console servers?  

I've got both Digi CM and Avocent CPS16s, and I personally want to
chuck the Avocents out, their interface is pretty ugly.  I wish I
could play with some other boxes...

Also, you might just want to poke around on Ebay for Digi and or other
vendors boxes for sale cheap.  It's not like they have alot of working
parts in them which can go wrong... and you might be able to get a
good deal that way.