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Re: recommendations for "dumb" console servers

Luke S. Crawford lsc@prgmr.com
Thu, 16 Feb 2012 03:54:20 GMT

On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 09:11:06PM -0600, Rob Windsor wrote:
> Several folks have recommended Opengear (OpenGear? opengear?) off-list, so that's where I'm leaning.

+1 opengear.  I bought a 48 port cm4000 a while back and for a long time,
I had it on the open Internet at a datacenter without a proper administrative
network.  I am not recommending that, of course, but I was careless and 
I didn't get burnt.  I like it when good, up-to-date equipment can cover 
for me like that.   (It's now behind my firewall on the very private 
network with the old Cyclades TS-3000 stuff I've got, and accessed through 

I think I paid $1700 or so using the opengear recommended vendor without
trying to negotiate.  Looks like it's closer to two kilobucks now, but
still, a reasonable per-port cost if it's for work.  

I mean, it is still an embedded Linux box with a bunch of serial ports, but
if your only objection to that was price, the Opengear is cheaper than the 
just the support contract you need to get access to firmware for anything 
made by cisco.