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Re: How many consoles can conserver support??

John Hascall john@iastate.edu
Thu, 28 May 2009 20:24:26 GMT

Mark Wedel <Mark.Wedel@Sun.Com> wrote:
> On a T1000 I have 700 consoles - most are actually getting the console 
> connection over ssh scripts to SP's of various systems.
> I'm not sure what the exact startup sequence of conserver is, but that
> is the most likely case of running into issues (hundreds of ssh or
> other init commands running at the same time)

We use the 'raw socket' connection option for precisesly this reason.
(And why Avocent fills me with grrrr for dropping this feature on their
newer terminal servers!)

John Hascall, john@iastate.edu
Team Lead, NIADS (Network Infrastructure, Authentication & Directory Services)
IT Services, The Iowa State University of Science and Technology