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Re: ALOM (BREAK Requested - Access Denied) (Was: LISA 2005 attendees?)

John Stoffel john.stoffel@taec.toshiba.com
Mon, 21 Nov 2005 08:40:55 -0800 (PST)

Bill> You've got a serial cable between the Avocent and the port
Bill> marked SERIAL MGT on the back of the V210, and nothing plugged
Bill> into the NET MGT port?


Bill> Unfortunately, my V210's are a few hundred miles away from me at
Bill> the moment and I have them all hooked up through the NET MGT
Bill> port.  (they arrived when we were short on terminal server
Bill> ports, so using the ALOM as a one-port TS made a lot of sense at
Bill> the time...)

>> I just get:
>> [halt sent]
>> BREAK Requested - Access Denied
>> When I try to send a break.  I need to do '#.' to get to the sc>
>> prompt where I can do a 'break -y' and the 'console' to get back to
>> the PROM level, etc. 

Bill> I have not seen that, but I've only really used the NET MGT
Bill> connection.

How well do you find that the NetMGT stuff works?  We're short on IPs
(sorta) so it makes more sense for us to use serial ports to manage
these boxes. 

Bill> Different accounts on the ALOM can have different permissions
Bill> and I belive sending a break can be denied to an ALOM account.
Bill> Did you explicitly log in or are you just using the default
Bill> login you get on the serial port?

I'm using the default login, and since it only seems to be 'admin'
with full privs:

    sc> usershow
    Username         Permissions      Password
    admin            cuar             Assigned

Bill> That's actually newer than the bits I'm currently running (1.4).

Ok, maybe things have changed since then.  And maybe I've got it setup
that it thinks it's got the network management port setup properly.
Not sure...