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Re: Raritan Dominion SX Console servers.

Ernie Oporto ernieoporto@gmail.com
Thu, 10 Nov 2005 10:33:18 -0800 (PST)

Actually, no.  We're migrating off conserver because it means we have to rely on two boxes to have console operation.
We want to be able to have one box at each branch site.  The new Cyclades boxes now have the capability to also act as a KVM and will connect to their managed power strips so that everything is managed from one box.  Of course, this brings up the issue of putting all your eggs in one basket and all that.

Of course, doing ssh to each port might be interesting.

On 11/9/05, John Stoffel <john.stoffel@taec.toshiba.com> wrote:

Ernie> We have an number of the Digi CMXX boxes. They are very nice
Ernie> with the ability to ssh to port 7000 to see a list of the
Ernie> available ports on the box, and then just hit a number to bring
Ernie> up that particular console. You can also individually ssh to
Ernie> port 7001 for the first port, 7002 for the second, etc, but I
Ernie> can never remember what port something is on. I could see this
Ernie> becoming an issue if you had more than one of these at a
Ernie> site...some overall management like Digi Connectware Manager
Ernie> would be needed to keep it straight.

Umm... call me dense, but aren't you using Conserver to manage these
boxes and which hosts are connected to which ports?  That's the whole
reason to have conserver.

I do like that they are running Linux and that I can ssh into them,
but I honestly treat them mostly as dumb devices.  That don't send
breaks.  :"]

Though maybe it would be interesting to see if I can do SSH to each of
the individual ports, and whether the load on the console server
system and the CM32 is too much or not.  I bet most makers don't
expect you to be running all the ports all the time...