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Re: Lucent PortMaster 2e config issues

Jim Gottlieb jimmy@nccom.com
Fri, 23 Jan 2004 11:22:29 -0800 (PST)

On 2004-01-23 at 11:30, John Stoffel (stoffel@lucent.com) wrote:

> Here's what I'm trying now:

That looks right to me.  Here's a typical Sun console port:

----------------------- Current Status - Port S20 ---------------------------
        Status: ESTABLISHED
         Input: 203281                   Parity Errors: 0
        Output: 6                       Framing Errors: 0
       Pending: 0                       Overrun Errors: 0
  Modem Status: DCD+  CTS+

                Active Configuration    Default Configuration  (* = Host
                --------------------    ---------------------   Can Override)
     Port Type: Device                  Device 
Device Service: Telnet@6020             Telnet@6020
    Baud Rates: 9600                    9600,9600,9600
      Databits: 8                       8
      Stopbits: 1                       1
        Parity: none                    none
  Flow Control: Xon/Xoff                Xon/Xoff
 Modem Control: off                     off
         Hosts: tahoe.nccom.com         default

   Host Device: Network
 Terminal Type: vt102
  Login Prompt: login: 
 Login Message: ^nccom.com host (port s20): 

> Also, from looking on Zonker's greater scoll of console knowledge,
> it's not clear whether or not the PortMaster 2e passed or failed the
> Break test.

Very occasionally we'll see a spurious <BREAK> if the Portmaster is
powered off.  Other than that, we can pass <BREAK>s with conserver, and
otherwise the ports never see them.

We use Portmaster 2e boxes to monitor all our serial ports.  They work
great and cost a lot less than buying anything new.