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Re: Help with break command

Bryan Stansell bryan@conserver.com
Thu, 29 Apr 2004 15:54:52 -0700 (PDT)

ooops...hit the wrong key and off went half of an email...sorry about
that.  here's the rest...

what i'd like to know is, what version are you running (certain versions
have had trouble with the encoding of the data on the wire), and can you
run conserver in debug mode (just one -D is good for this info) and send
it to me?  there are particular things i'd like to look at to see if the
telnet state was changing (or perhaps a message from the term server
said it's state changed), etc.  maybe even two -D options would be
good...that would show all the data getting written to the file
descriptors too...which could verify if conserver is sending the
IAC/BREAK sequence properly.

another option is to enable a debug mode in telnet and see if anything
happens when you log in (a transistion in some telnet state).  i believe
you just crank up telnet, do a 'toggle options' and then 'open ...'.
it'll spew a bunch upon connection and the question is, do you get more
when you actually log in.  if so, perhaps conserver isn't handling a
telnet option negotiation properly, and the break interpretation is
getting turned off somehow (whereas a regular telnet does work).  this
is the only idea i have come up with so far to explain what you've seen.
and if you try this, it would be nice to see all the entire sequence.

those are my current thoughts.  if you can get any of this debugging
info (and version info), that would be cool.