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Re: Logging in from SSH2 PuTTY

Bryan Stansell bryan@conserver.com
Thu, 18 Sep 2003 15:51:06 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, Sep 04, 2003 at 03:19:23PM -0700, Greg Brown wrote:
> When a user logs in with password authentication and puts in their
> password after the "console xxxxx" command, all works well.
> When a user attempts to use public key encryption, connects, and types in 
> their passphrase, they get a "Sorry." message.

weird...but, i can probably explain why the "Sorry." occurs.

> I am trying to automate the logon process by having PuTTY called with 
> arguments from a web page.  Depending on which link they click for the 
> particular host they want to console to, PuTTY is called and the "console 
> xxxxx" command is entered automatically by PuTTY.  Problem is, the "Sorry." 
> message comes back.

i've taken a quick look at the openssh interface and it seems to only
automatically allocate a pseudo-tty when you do a full login - if you
just run a command, there is no tty.  conserver needs to be able to open
/dev/tty to read that password, so it needs to talk to a pseudo-tty.
there's a -t flag in openssh that forces sshd to allocate a tty even
though it's a remote command - when i used that, it "fixed" the problem
and i always go the prompt for the password.  i took a quick look at the
putty docs and it too seems to have a -t option (or maybe it was the
plink tool).  anyway, there could be a weird bug in putty where it's
allocating a pseudo-tty when using password authentication and not when
using keys, which would explain the difference in behavior.  but, if you
can get the -t option in there, you should be ok.

> Bryan, I know that with my version of Conserver on HP/UX 11.0 that system 
> passwords are limitted to 8 characters in order to work with Conserver.  Do 

if you're running 7.2.7, you shouldn't be limited to 8 characters (just
so everyone knows that).  the fix you helped me with is in that version.

sorry for taking so long to answer...i was offline for the last few