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duncan_j_ferguson duncan_j_ferguson@yahoo.co.uk
Wed, 17 Sep 2003 03:42:57 -0700 (PDT)

Just found out about conserver and it seems very good - running off 
8.0.0-b4 and works very well.

Can I request an optional tag be included with the server name in 
unloved console output, or the time stamp info in the server log files?  
The tag could be configurable, but include something like

tag "&:%:@ "

where & is the server name, % is the terminal server name and @ is the 
port or device type, or something similar?

Why?  Because i work in a very dynamic environment where servers are 
semi-regularly moved between console servers.  I currently have a script 
that connects to each terminal server we have (mix of annex, jetstream 
and cs9000), sends a <RETURN> to the ports and grabs the host name (or, 
if the console is logged in, logs out and grabs host name, or warns if 
at ok prompt, etc).  When done, a lookup-table is written to ensure we 
can easily get to a console without having to check the terminal servers 
or machines by hand.

With conserver i can see i could do a similar type thing to 
auto-discover what is on all the ports.  Initially define all the ports 
with names within the conserver.cf such as

console <term server>_<port>{
    aliases <term server>_<port>_alias;
    host <term server>;
    port <port>;

hit each port with a script to send a <RETURN> then scan the log files 
to see what names i can pick up.  When all ports have been scanned, 
rewrite the conserver.cf files and HUP conserver.  However, i cannot 
currently see how to associate which log file with which terminal server 
and port to grab the correct host name correctly.  Using an optional tag 
would resolve this.