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Telnet BRK, logging, conserver rocks, etc.

Anders Nordby anders@fix.no
Tue, 9 Apr 2002 05:45:48 -0700 (PDT)


Just wanted to say thanks for making/maintaining wonderful software.
I went through some problems to be able to SEND break signal to some Sun
machines through conserver + piped telnet + a Cisco 2511 access server,
but finally solved it. Thought I'd share my solution. In conserver.cf,

BREAK3=^]send brk\n

The ^] needs to be HEX 0A (in vi: control + alt gr + 9 on my Sun). Of
course, one can always send control + alt gr + 9 on the keyboard
directly and type send brk, but I prefer to have everything set up to be
available through ^ec<foo> which is described by the help that is showed
when running console.

I also need to log some more stuff (like which users attaches/deattaches
from consoles, the time they do this (when attaching/deattaching)), but
I suppose I'll figure that out. If anyone has some patches/tips in
regards to logging more than the default, let me know.