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Re: recommendations for "dumb" console servers

Marion Hakanson hakansom@ohsu.edu
Thu, 16 Feb 2012 01:55:45 GMT

windsor@warthog.com said:
> Ideally, I'd get a wad of Cisco AS-2511-RJs, but I'd rather buy
> new-manufacture equipment.
> Anyone got a lead on the modern equivalent?
> I've poked around Lantronix, Digi, and Cyclades (Avocent), but all of their
> offerings are embedded with linux so that they can receive ssh. 

We've been using the Perle JetStream 8500 (48-port version).  While
that's discontinued, there is a similar product under their "IOLAN"
product line.  Some have the "smart console server" functionality,
but some do not, e.g.:


These can optionally be used with driver software on your "conserver"
machine which talk to genuine Unix tty's, which in turn are mapped
via reverse-telnet to ports on the terminal server.  That's how we
use it here.