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RE: Escape-sequence on telnet connecton

Nagy Andreas Andreas.Nagy@frequentis.com
Mon, 22 Jan 2007 01:17:59 -0800 (PST)

Thx for your help!

Now everything works fine (the Win Client and the Telnet connection)!

The telnet function is only to connect from every client, also when ther is
actually no client aplicatin aviable.

On the telnet connection I can not switch to another console (^Ec;), always
getting the connected message.
But, this shouldn't be a problem (for me) at this time!

Best Thx for your great work!

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To: Nagy Andreas
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Subject: RE: Escape-sequence on telnet connecton

  I think, to make the point a bit more persuasive, you could point out that
a direct telnet connection means users give up some of the functionality they
would otherwise enjoy, as well as risking unexpected behavior when they are
trying to make critical administrative changes to their machines.

  Since the console servers are the expensive part of the equation, they get
the additional benefits (from Conserver) essentially for free. (With only a
little extra effort needed on their part to get all those benefits. :-|

  Partly, this may be a "old dogs, new tricks" problem...that's the way they
have always done it. I'm still being asked to make a "menu" wrapper...i.e.
type a command, get an enumerated list of available ports, and then the user
selects a number, and the console client would be invoked to the indicated
port...all because they are used to the ts_menu feature on the deployed
Cyclades boxes. (So, a request for a lot of programming work that won't be
shared outside the company, to help about 24 folks who might otherwise have
to learn a new trick...but, it's just another project on the pile, and it
keeps getting put on the back burner by the requester, while folks need to
practice using the new way.. ;-)

  If you need to make a hack, you just need to be sure that it can live and
grow with Conserver, without the need for wrenching On the hack with every
upgrade of Conserver, or changes to the user base, or the names/numbers of
the ports cared for by Conserver.


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Subject: Re: Escape-sequence on telnet connecton

Nagy> But some users will still connect via telnet.

Why?  This just boggles my mind.  

Tell them to use the correct client for the connection, and now you can
actually offer it to them.