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RE: Cyclade TS 800 Console problem

Harris, David (IT Solutions US) david.k.harris@siemens.com
Fri, 17 Aug 2007 09:44:50 -0700 (PDT)

  Hi Athreya,


  So far, I think you are using the correct settings. We use socket_server as well. (Here are some of the key parts of my configuration.)  So, it leads me to ask about your physical connection. See my questions below the configuration.


all.protocol    socket_server

all.socket_port 7001+


all.host_port   7000

all.host_idletime       30


all.mtu 1500

all.mru 1500


all.term        vt100


all.lf_suppress 0


all.flow        none


all.dcd 0

all.DTR_reset   100


all.socket_port 7001+




1)       Have you used the DB25 Loopback adapter to test your connection?

       (You can connect the loopback adapter to the Cyclades DB25 adapter, and

      use a CAT-5 cable to connect this combination to one port on the TS-800.

      Then try your SSH…when you connect, can you see what you are typing?

      If you can, your SSH and socket_server settings are correct.)


2)       Are you using the proper adapter to connect to your Sun server?

(The wiring of the Cyclades RJ45 serial port is different from the Sun wiring.

You would need a Cyclades-to-Cisco/Sun adapter, P/N ADB0039, plugged

into the Sun and then a CAT-5 cable from the Cyclades to the adapter. It

won’t work if you connect the adapter to the Cyclades, it must go to the Sun,)


3)       Finally, check the serial port settings for the STTY or GETTY console.

(It will probably be at 9600 8-None-1, but it may be changed. Your TS-800

is also probably set for 9600 8-N-1. It is important that they both match.

I’m confident that you know they should match, which is why I suggest

that you confirm the settings. This will also confirm that there IS a console

process running, which should respond when you connect to the console.)


  If you can perform a successful loopback test, and your physical connection has

the adapter in the correct place, and the serial speeds on both devices match, you

should be able to connect. If you still have trouble, please describe what you have

tested, and the results you have found.


     Best regards,




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Sent: Friday, August 17, 2007 2:27 AM
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Subject: Cyclade TS 800 Console problem


Hi All,


I am new to this group and also to confguring console servers.


We have got a Cyclade TS 800 box and we want to configure that to access the consoles of Sun Servers and Brocade Switches.



When I try to access the console of the Sun Server which is connected to port 1 of the cyclade


here I am using the option SOCKET SERVER


After entering the user name and password I go nowhere , Same happens If I set the option to SOCKET SSH



Do we need to install any package on the SUn server too to interact with the cyclade ?


Pleas help me on this


Thanks in advance




Athreya VC