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Still too much data

Chris Riddoch chrisr@digeo.com
Thu, 11 May 2006 11:06:23 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, folks.

I've done a bit more testing.  Conserver's dropping data before it even
hits 85kbps.  It seems that minicom is also having the same issues with
dropping data that conserver is, and that makes me think that the *real*
issue may be the way cygwin, which both are using, handles serial I/O...
and TerraTerm and HyperTerminal don't seem to have this issue.

Has anybody else had this experience?  I've got the sneaking feeling
that conserver just isn't the tool for anyone stuck with Windows, but I
won't be sure until I find a usb-to-serial thingie for my laptop running
SuSE this afternoon to find out.

Is there anything non-cygwin, windows-native, similar to conserver, just
in case I'm right?  Or better ideas?  There's no flow control (and never
will be) and the baud rate needs to stay at 115200.  What are my options?

     Chris Riddoch
epistemological humility