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Re: suggestions

John Stoffel john.stoffel@taec.toshiba.com
Tue, 27 Sep 2005 10:54:18 -0700 (PDT)

>>>>> "seller" == seller jax <sellerjax@gmail.com> writes:

seller> Need : An out of band management solution for misc routers and
seller> firewalls in a rack.

seller> 2, Purchase 2 of these 8 port usb to serial box (
seller> http://www.usbgear.com/8XDB9-USB.html)

It's a neat idea, but expensive.  Goto ebay and buy an old Cyclades or
Digi CM terminal server instead.  Or get a Cyclades Cyclom PCI serial
port card.  I've got an old ISA version at home and it works great,
even after all these years.  

I've tried getting a USB-to-serial convertor to work with a RH FC3 box
to talk to a Palm IIIx serial hotsync cradle, but I couldn't make it
work at all.  Very frustrating.  

If you do the get USB->8port serial, make sure you get a promise of a
full refund if it won't work.  And if it does work, let us know!