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Limits to number of monitored servers?

Brodie, Kent brodie@mcw.edu
Tue, 19 Apr 2005 11:15:16 -0700 (PDT)

Hi.  First off, I want to say how pleased I am with conserver.    In my previous role in our I.T. department, we had ‘consoleworks’ which worked great, but it was a bit pricy.     I’m in the research wings of our institution now, and funding for our I.T. stuff is always an issue.


‘conserver’ has done very well by us.


If anyone is interested, I have it working with Cyclades terminal servers (TS-series), using ssh key-authenticated sessions for the console sessions.     I’m available to answer questions on how that works if anyone needs.


Now on to my question:   Are there any known limitations on the number of monitored systems?   Currently, I have conserver monitoring 31 servers across two different terminal servers, and I’m about to connect up another 30 or so.    I’m interested to see if anyone has experiences along the lines of very large installations.


Thanks, --Kent C. Brodie, MS

              Medical College of Wisconsin