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break sequence during Sun host boot up stage

Yang, Chi-Tai chi-tai.yang@rbccm.com
Mon, 26 Jul 2004 13:40:28 -0700 (PDT)

Using Ctrl-e-c-l-0 to send break works fine when Solaris machine booted up to either single user or multi-user mode.
However, when SunSPARC is with its booting up stage (with cursor spinning), the same key stroke sequence can only not send break to it. 
We can get around with Ctrl-e-c-l-3 to get to host with LOM.   
But for hosts without LOM, our choices are either to disable conserver or power-cycle SunSPARC.   

I searched the archive and found several similar questions but not the right answer as to where Ctrl-e-c-l-0 (break 0) is defined. 

We upgrade from 7.2.7 to 8.1.4, found out about this problem, then found 8.1.8 which said to fix break problem - Yet still we still have the same issue even with version 8.1.8. 

Here is our configuration: 
break 1 { string "\z"; }
break 2 { string "\r\d~\d^b"; delay 200; }
break 3 { string "#."; }
default sun-std { break 1; }
default sun-alt { break 2; }
default sun-lom { break 3; }

Please help.  Thanks. 

Chi-Tai Yang  212-858-7074 

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