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Re: Help with break command

Pete Geenhuizen pgeenhuizen@carolina.rr.com
Thu, 29 Apr 2004 14:16:07 -0700 (PDT)

Well I've discovered one thing, using conserver I can get the system to
halt by sending ^Ecl0 at the login prompt, but if I log in it fails and
spits out strange characters and ignores the sequence. It looks like the
shell is intercepting conserver's break sequence and munging it up.

I hope that that isn't the expected behaviour.

I have disabled conserver and connected to the box directly with telnet
through the terminal server, and sending a break works just fine whether
I'm at the login prompt or logged in.

FWIW the terminal type on the remote host is set to vt100 and the shell is
either borne or korn.

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Bill Sommerfeld said:
>> Hmm, I wonder what I'm doing wrong then?  How is the sequence defined in
>> the config file?  I have break 1 { string "\z"; }
>> Could the terminal type that I'm using have something to do with it?
> The conserver.cf I'm using has absolutely no special break
> configuration; it's using whatever the startup-time default is
> (sequence 0 being "\z").
> I'd suggest a divide-and-conquer approach..
> Disable the port in conserver, and connect to the TS directly with a
> high-port telnet and do a "send break".  Whether or not that works
> will provide useful information...
> 						- Bill