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Re: New to Conserver

Greg Brown gregb_ka6max@hotmail.com
Tue, 11 Nov 2003 07:33:56 -0800 (PST)


>From what I know about 90Ms, the console port being serial port 1 means that 
status messages about loads and comm problems "print" out port 1.  In our 
setup, we literally have a serial printer connected to port 1 on all 90Ms in 
the field.  The printer zips out a line every time the RouteAbout router is 
rebooted.  It also zips out several lines when the 90M is getting it's boot 
load from the MOP or tftp server.

When I get into work today I will check on the default TCP ports associated 
with each serial port.  That is what Brian was talking about.  You have to 
set the "access" mode of each serial port to "remote" and either know the 
default TCP port for each serial port, or assign them TCP port numbers.  
That way, Conserver can attach itself to each serial port that you have 
defined as a console port for each Vax or Alpha you are 

Vaxes are very chatty things.  They will fill up the hard disk of your 
Conserver machine very quickly.  Although I am using Conserver to monitor 
Unix machines, I have set aside an entire disk as a /log volume just for 
Conserver logs.  Also, I have a cron job that throws away all files older 
than 80 days on the /log volume.

If someone else does not beat me to it, I should have the information on the 
remote TCP ports to you in another email this morning.

Greg Brown
CSC, San Diego

>From: George Lenzer <George.Lenzer@cpl.org>
>To: users@conserver.com
>Subject: New to Conserver
>Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 16:38:23 -0500
>Hopefully I am posting in the right place.  My organization has run into
>a situation where we are looking for an alternative to the DEC
>Polycenter product to monitor consoles with our DEC 90Ms.  From what I
>gather, it looks as if Conserver may be the answer.  I've downloaded the
>source code and compiled it (on a Linux x86 box) and successfully ran
>the 'make test'.  I also copied the sample conserver.cf file to
>/usr/local/etc and edited it to reflect the terminal server we'd like to
>monitor.  However, I am a little confused about how conserver actually
>gets configured to talk to the DEC 90M.  Here is what I have in my
>conserver.cf file for out terminal server (90aut1  on
>console 90aut1 {
>         master localhost;
>         type host;
>         host;
>         port 1;
>I was unsure of what context the 'port' option was meant.  Is it the
>physical port on the 90M, or a TCP port that the 90M should be
>configured for?
>Has anyone else had experience using DEC 90Ms?  And... if this isn't the
>right place to ask, where should I ask.  Alas, Google searches haven't
>turned up much that is useful in regard to terminal servers like the
>90M.  We aren't interested in going to multiple serial ports.
>users mailing list

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