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Re: Hangup commandRe: Hangup command

cfowler cfowler@outpostsentinel.com
Fri, 14 Feb 2003 14:19:38 -0800 (PST)

We had the same problem.

I added my own code to toggle the dtr line on the serial port.  We did not
actually do a close() we just toggled the dtr line.  Not an easy fix you must
be able to read the conserver code to do this.  Our version is so 
modified that a patch would not help you.  I use a config bit on the port in
shared memory to turn on this feature.  

You'd have to issue this command on my device:

'set port 1 modem enabled'

Of course if you know your way around the Cisco config program, your 50%

On 12/31/1969, "Greg A. Woods" <woods@weird.com> wrote:

>[ On Friday, February 14, 2003 at 16:15:03 (-0500), Brandon Saunders wrote: 
>> Subject: Hangup command
>> I have a piece of telephone equipment that I have hooked up to my
>> which needs conserver to close (hangup) the serial interface when the user
>> logs out.
>You probably can't easily do it automatically, but yes from the console
>client you can "down a console" (^Ecd).  IIRC that should close the TTY.
>When someone re-connects I think they'll have to "(re)open the tty and
>log file" too of course...
>>  I have scoured through the man pages and cannot find anything.
>> I have tried sending the down command and then re-opening the connection,
>> but that is not producing the signaling needed by the device to terminate
>> the shell that it operates.
>Well in that case you have a problem with the (default?) STTY settings
>for the port and/or hardware wiring for that port.  Does it work
>correctly if you kill conserver and then use "cu" to connect to the port?
>Closing a TTY on a unix-like system will normally do the right thing,
>assuming the port is configured properly and the wiring is done
>On some unix-like systems, such as NetBSD, it's important to have the
>correct default TTY flags set for the port on system boot in order to
>ensure the correct signalling will be generated by the tty driver.  See
>ttyflags(8) and ttys(5) on a NetBSD system, for example.
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