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Re: console -A and console down

Bryan Stansell bryan@conserver.com
Mon, 1 Dec 2003 16:53:07 -0800 (PST)

On Mon, Dec 01, 2003 at 04:46:22PM -0500, Matt Selsky wrote:
> Our cisco apparently isn't sysloging anywhere since it's on the private 
> vlan.  Our conserver logfile contains:
> [Mon Nov 24 12:25:44 2003] conserver (27009): [foo] automatic 
> reinitialization
> [Mon Nov 24 14:25:44 2003] conserver (27009): [foo] automatic 
> reinitialization
> [Mon Nov 24 14:25:45 2003] conserver (27009): ERROR: [foo] connect(22): 
> Connection refused: forcing down

hmmm...looks like i'm missing a failure message in there, but from the
code, i think it means it got a read() failure...probably (confident,
aren't i?).  then after attacking the term server a couple times on the
port, the cisco probably refused the connection and so conserver stopped
pounding it.

i'm not sure what to tell you.  we could put some more messages in
conserver, which might help, but to really tell what's going on, i'd
look at the cisco console or it's syslog data...if you can get to
either.  but, if you'd like a patch for more log info, let me know (i'll
be expanding it in the next release).

i suppose the other option is to take your config file, comment out all
consoles except this one, and run another copy of conserver, in debug
mode (probably -DD).  just make sure the first copy of conserver either
has this console commented out (and send it a HUP) or just let it stay
down (^Ecd).  then we can see a whole lot more of what's happening
inside conserver when it fails.  once it does, you can shut down the
second conserver and just bring the original console back up.  when
running the second conserver, just include something like '-p 7777' so
it attaches to a different port (and you can use 'console -p 7777
<consolename>') to attach to it.  we may not see more than a read()
failure, however.  if so, we'll have to look at the cisco logs to get
better info.