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Re: console -A and console down

Matt Selsky selsky@columbia.edu
Mon, 1 Dec 2003 13:45:50 -0800 (PST)

> are there any messages in the conserver logfile (either stdout/stderr
> or -L/'logfile' option)?  that would be the only place there might be a
> clue, unless the cisco is logging something on it's console.  i'd check
> both.

Our cisco apparently isn't sysloging anywhere since it's on the private 
vlan.  Our conserver logfile contains:

[Mon Nov 24 12:25:44 2003] conserver (27009): [foo] automatic 
[Mon Nov 24 14:25:44 2003] conserver (27009): [foo] automatic 
[Mon Nov 24 14:25:45 2003] conserver (27009): ERROR: [foo] connect(22): 
Connection refused: forcing down

> yeah, the logfile isn't accessible unless the console is up.  now that
> you've pointed it out, that really seems wrong.  personally, i think it
> would be useful to replay the logfile if the console is down...might
> help explain why it went down, or let you fix problems.  i'll see if i
> can "fix" this.  i don't *think* there's a problem (inside the code)
> with having the logfile open even though the console is down.  there
> should be only a few things to adjust (i think!) to use that 
> philosophy.