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Re: TRU64 question

bryan bryan@conserver.com
Tue, 17 Sep 2002 10:57:52 -0700 (PDT)

well, i have two suggestions for you.  first, with things shut down, can you
successfully do a 'telnet 2022' and get connected to the serial
port?  if so, then things *should* be good.  if not, either consoleworks is
still managing the port, or there's another problem.

if the telnet works and cranking up conserver shows the port as down, then
try running conserver with the -v option for a little more info.  it should
(ideally, it should have said something without the -v) say something about
why the port is still down - like a connection refused or something of that
nature.  if the -v doesn't enlighten things, try adding a -D as well.  try
a connection (that results in a down message), and send me the entire log.
i might be able to tell you what's going on, if it doesn't jump out at you.