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RE: TRU64 question

Parkin Frank - fparki fparki@acxiom.co.uk
Wed, 18 Sep 2002 01:30:11 -0700 (PDT)

Thank you for the quick response. 

You were "spot-on" ... Consoleworks was managing the port. As soon as we
deleted the entry in Consoleworks ... conserver was able to do its stuff. 

A couple of questions ... 

1.	All client/server traffic (including root and user passwords) is
		``in the clear''.  Extreme care should be taken to insure no
one is
		``snooping'' this private data.  One day the traffic will be

	Has anyone got any suggestions to harden the security of conserver?

2.	Also, once connected to a console, how do you exit back to your
original Telnet session ... tried ctrl+c ... ctrl+d?

Many thanks

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		well, i have two suggestions for you.  first, with things
shut down, can you
		successfully do a 'telnet 2022' and get
connected to the serial
		port?  if so, then things *should* be good.  if not, either
consoleworks is
		still managing the port, or there's another problem.

		if the telnet works and cranking up conserver shows the port
as down, then
		try running conserver with the -v option for a little more
info.  it should
		(ideally, it should have said something without the -v) say
something about
		why the port is still down - like a connection refused or
something of that
		nature.  if the -v doesn't enlighten things, try adding a -D
as well.  try
		a connection (that results in a down message), and send me
the entire log.
		i might be able to tell you what's going on, if it doesn't
jump out at you.

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