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break sequence not working CS9000 -> Sun's

Nicholas.Penney Nicholas.Penney@uk.ing.com
Thu, 20 Jun 2002 00:19:56 -0700 (PDT)


I am new to this mail list so please excuse me if there is an FAQ that
answers this somewhere - I couldn't find one.

I have the conserver software version 7.2.2 running on three servers as I
have one for development, one for acceptance testing and one for production;
we like to keep all three environments separate.   They are all configured
to connect to the same 6 x Perle CS9000 terminal servers, so that I can
access any host using the console client from any of the three environments
(this provides resiliency in case any of the hosts running conserver are
The CS9000's are connected to 100+ sun servers (everything from Sparc 5's to
E10K's).  All of the Sun servers are set to use the alternate-break sequence
of \r~b.

I have set the conserver.cf lines for each server like this:


However no matter what I do I cannot get the servers to drop to the OK
prompt when connecting through the console software.  Issuing ctrl-e,c,l0
and/or ctrl-e,c,l2 both display the "[halt sent]" message and display ~^B on
the screen but the server just carries on in full multi-user mode.

Has anybody got these CS9000's working with this software?  Can you offer
any suggestions as to how I can proceed to get this working?

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