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Re: Sun RSC console

Trevor Fiatal trevor@seven.com
Sun, 10 Feb 2002 01:21:36 -0800 (PST)

"Gobbo, Carl (CCL)" wrote:
> Currently I have configured a few portmasters connected to our serial ports
> with conserver controlling our consoles.  We have been recently expanding
> and upgrading to Sun 280R systems in our Data Center.  They all come with
> the RSC port that allows remote console access.  I like the added features
> of the RSC port over serial, but I don't like how it logs.  I would also
> like to keep a consistent face on how to connect to all of our servers.
> Rather then connecting up more servers to the portmaster (we are almost at
> the point of needing yet another one), I would like to let conserver use the
> RSC network port.  Does anyone have some of these configurations?

This one is remarkably easy, actually.  If you think of the RSC card as a
single-port terminal server on tcp/23, you get something like this in your
config file:


You need a DNS entry for 'somehost-rsc' mapping to the IP of the RSC card.
Everything else should be obvious.

Hope this helps.


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