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Re: help with configuring conserver

bryan bryan@conserver.com
Wed, 10 Apr 2002 15:28:21 -0700 (PDT)

hi robert,

well, the best pointer i can give you is to try and use 'tip' or some other 
serial port access program to talk to the console before involving conserver.  
your setup looks correct.  a couple of questions:  are you running conserver as 
root (if not, do you have permission to open /dev/tty0) and are there other 
ports that you should be using for "dialing out" (which is effectively what 
you're doing...some systems use /dev/cua* instead of /dev/tty*, etc).  
hopefully the magma serial card folks have instructions for what devices to 
use, etc.  if /dev/tty0 is the right device and you have permission to open it, 
it could be that the cable is wrong for this purpose (laptops and suns have 
reverse pinouts, if i remember, so you may need a null-modem added to the mix).

in other cases, i follow the instructions of the serial port manufacturer (they 
usually have a step-by-step set of instructions for 'tip' or something), and 
then once that works, point conserver at the same point.  like i said, it looks 
like you're doing the right thing at the conserver level.

hope that helps a little.


Quoting "Robert R. Jaques" <bjaques@cablecar.net>:
>  I have a magma 4 port pci serial card in a Sun netra
> running solaris 8 and have installed conserver
> I have the  ports configured
> tty0:/dev/tty0:9600p:&:
> if I type console -u I see 
> tty0              down <none>
> I am trying to connect cisco equipment, pixs 2900 and 6000
> switches. I am using ca cisco cable I always use on my lap
> top
> when i type console tty0
> and loging
> it says console: tty0 is down
> I cannot seem to start it or get a connection even with 
> a Ctrl E c a
> in admin tools tty0 shows up as
> port 0
> portmontor ttymon0
> service tage tty0
> terminal hardwired.
> any help would be appreciated..