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reconnecting to servers

Glenn Grimes glenn.grimes@eircom.net
Fri, 14 Dec 2001 19:18:30 -0000

Hi all,

I'm running conserver-7.1.3 on freebsd 4.4

My question refers to Andreas Wrede's October post "nailing-up serial
connections" re: conserver automatically connecting to servers after the
connection has been dropped.

Bryan mentioned that he had removed this functionality, "Conserver used to
re-open downed lines automatically.  I recently changed it so that it
wouldn't do that.  The reason?  In most cases it
caused conserver to respawn processes and run in a fairly tight loop,
causing the load to rise, etc."

I was wondering if anyone has reverted to the automatic reconnection and if
so do they have a patch file that I could use as I would like/need conserver
to log what is going on during the boot process etc.

Any help greatly appreciated.