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Re: Problems exec consoles using expect scripts

Tore Anderson tore@fud.no
Wed, 4 Dec 2013 23:22:21 GMT

* Bryan Stansell

> I just ran a similar test on my mac (easiest thing with expect at
> this point), and all seemed mostly well (no line buffering/echo
> issues).  Conserver does (or is supposed to, if it detects support)
> allocate pseudo-ttys when execing consoles.  In the past, it's worked
> on Solaris and Linux, but I haven't tested or looked at how it
> behaves in quite a while.

It does indeed appear to do so:

tore@conserver:~$ console -x | grep test
 test-expect              on /dev/pts/0                       at  Local
 test-ssh                 on /dev/pts/19                      at  Local

Also, to comment on Anton's suggestion to use "ssh -tt" - this yields
the exact same results as without. If I add "-v" to the ssh command line
I can confirm that the ssh client reports "debug1: Entering interactive
session." both when it's being run directly and when it's being started
from expect.