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Re: How to "bridge" a serial connection over the Internet?

Saku Ytti saku@ytti.fi
Tue, 30 Apr 2013 05:50:00 GMT

On 30 April 2013 00:52, Zonker <consoleteam@gmail.com> wrote:

> local modem          console server?  (auto-telnet to IPaddr:port)
>        `------RS-232 cable------'
>   At the IP address (the server), preferably a Linux machine, the TCP
> listener would present as a local TTY. No exec/login function. A local
> application would use the TTY port as though it was a locally-attached
> serial port or USB serial dongle.

Pretty much any Cisco CPE can do this, it's called 'reverse-telnet'.
You attach your RS232 device to Cisco and then telnet to like 2001
port on Cisco to get to the serial port.

There are obviously solution for how to do this on Linux as well.
'opengear' is common vendor, which is just embedded linux doing this,
they offer their software open-source.

I'm sure there are more than one apt-gettable packages to solve this as well.

If you need to RS232 port to appear on local machines as serial port
(maybe proprietary management software, not just telnet) then you need
RFC2217 solution, which also you can acquire open source to your linux