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How to "bridge" a serial connection over the Internet?

Zonker consoleteam@gmail.com
Mon, 29 Apr 2013 21:52:43 GMT

    This is a bit of an unusual connection style. Any ideas how to achieve it? I think I'm suffering tunnel vision, and I could use a few clues to help expand my vision.

At the remote site is a modem-like device. The remote site uses DHCP addressing, and NAT to get to the Internet, so I'm thinking that the remote site would use telnet-to-a-high-port to reach the server... likely a 1- or 2-port console server, triggering off the DTR to establish a connection to a known destination automatically.

local modem          console server?  (auto-telnet to IPaddr:port)  
       `------RS-232 cable------'

  At the IP address (the server), preferably a Linux machine, the TCP listener would present as a local TTY. No exec/login function. A local application would use the TTY port as though it was a locally-attached serial port or USB serial dongle.

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