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Re: How to connect to Cyclades ACS6000

Michael Rice michael@riceclan.org
Mon, 24 Sep 2012 18:40:43 GMT

On Thu, 30 Aug 2012 02:24:43 GMT esx20110328@163.com said:
> I mean in the same configuration file, Cyclades ACS5000 works well, but Cyclades ACS6000 not works.

I've chased this down as I have my first ACS6000 as well.  This device is different from ones in the past, adding some features which apparently interfere with conserver.

The resolution I found was to make sure the ACS6000 ports are in 'raw' mode.  

Under CAS Settings (per port), change Protocol to 'Telnet/Raw Mode' (or just Raw Mode, or Telnet/SSH/Raw Mode -- we'll only be using the raw ports for conserver) and fill in the port for 'Raw Mode Port Alias'.   Configure conserver as usual but make sure to use the raw mode ports (I put 7000 series ports on raw and added 8000 series ports for telnet and 9000 series ports for ssh).  you can do this in bulk by using the checkboxes and the 'Set CAS' button.

Once i configured the raw ports, conserver works as usual.