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Cyclades ACS16 -- slightly off-topic

Alexander.Stade Alexander.Stade@vattenfall.com
Mon, 24 Sep 2012 12:18:10 GMT

I have a Cyclades ACS16 in a lab environment and as luck would have it one of the PSUs has died. The thing won't stop beeping. I've found that I can log on and kill off a process called ex_wtd_led.sh and cy_wtd_led. It seems the ex_wtd_led.sh restarts cy_wtd_led, so its necessary to kill both. Of course, if I kill it right in the middle of a "beep" the speaker gets locked in that position and I have to reboot. I seem to have to time it right as well.
CMD_ACS="/usr/bin/nice --20 /bin/cy_wdt_led wdt led buzzer"
CMD_KVM="/usr/bin/nice --20 /bin/cy_wdt_led wdt led"
# Make sure that we're on a KVM or Onsite
PRODNAME=`set_nports 3`
if [ "${PRODNAME:0:3}" == "KVM" -o ${PRODNAME} == "OnSite" ]; then
while true
        sleep 1
I would either like to do whatever it takes to make my ACS16 understand its a single PSU system or mute the speaker. I won't spend money on it to get it fixed, so I'm looking for a hack. Apparently I could alter the script to exclude "buzzer", but since the root fs is a ramdisk, I'd have to somehow edit the nvram or stored ramdisk. Interestingly it seems that the "set_nports" command extracts how my ACS is configured (ports, PSUs etc) so perhaps if I could convince that command that we're looking at a single PSU system that I'd be home free.
Any suggestions are welcome.
Thanks in advance!