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Re: 'console -r' only lists localhost

Garry Dolley gdolley@arpnetworks.com
Wed, 13 Oct 2010 01:24:07 GMT

On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 04:10:59AM +0000, Bryan Stansell wrote:
> Did you start conserver with the -R option or turn off redirects in the
> conserver.cf file with 'redirect [no|off|false]'?
> If not, the output of conserver with a -v or even -D might be
> useful.  From the bits you posted, however, it sounds like it should be
> working...and my only guess at the moment is -R.

So I ran conserver with '-v' and I got this very interesting

[Tue Oct 12 15:11:34 2010] conserver (16805): ERROR: [lp02vm] console type unknown [/etc/conserver/conserver.cf:67]

So that is probably why it won't load the 'lp02vm' console entry.
But, since this console exists on _another_ server, what should the
"type" be set to?

Right now I just have:

  console lp02vm {
          master vr01.lax.digisynd.com;
          port 5002;

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