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Re: Help: Basic setting up and requirements

nstraz nstraz@redhat.com
Tue, 31 Aug 2010 13:45:51 GMT

On Aug 31 16:08, Lee Eric wrote:
> 1. What equipment do I need to use conserver to manage them? Every
> machine has a console port, but nothing connected.
> 2. Does conserver can use LAN to manage machines using console?
> 3. What configurations need to set up for machines including BIOS and
> OS? My OS is Fedora 12.

I generally use conserver in conjunction with a terminal server like a
Cyclades or a serial multiplexer like a Digi box.  

The setup looks like this:

  Nodes A, B, C:
	- serial cable running to Cyclades or Digi
	- console=ttyS0 on kernel command line
	- configure serial console in inittab (or equiv) so you get a

  Server X:
	- Ethernet cable to Cyclades or Digi (or put it on the switch)
	- converser.cf looks like so:

	default cyclades {
		type host; host cyclades;
		portbase 7000; portinc 1;

	console A { include cyclades; port 1; }
	console B { include cyclades; port 2; }
	console C { include cyclades; port 3; }


	default digi {
		# devices tty100 - tty115
		# use port number from box.
		type device; device /dev/tty1.; devicesubst .=P02d;
		portbase -1; portinc 1;
		baud 115200; parity none;

	console A { include digi; port 1; }
	console B { include digi; port 2; }
	console C { include digi; port 3; }

Another option might be to use Serial-over-LAN, but I don't have the
configuration example for that.