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Re: How to access ... =?unknown-8bit?q?=3F?==?unknown-8bit?q?=FE?=

Bryan Stansell bryan@conserver.com
Fri, 27 Aug 2010 17:53:01 GMT

Another option is to use cygwin to compile a native binary for windows,
and then use the cygwin dll and the console binary on any client
machines (at least, that should work - haven't tried in recent versions
of cygwin).  It basically gives you the enough cygwin bits to run the
code and make connections via a command prompt.

As for your problem below, the output of 'console -x' might help narrow
down the problem...that will walk all the conserver processes, showing
you what consoles they think exist and how they're attached.  From the
snippet below, things look good, but who knows.

Are you really using 'console -M <host> -p <port>' when connecting?  If
so, make sure the -p option is the base port number ('default primary
port' in 'conserver -V' output).  Hopefully it's already defined
properly and you don't really need either of the above ('console -V'
will show you your defaults).  If you're directing the client to a
pid that isn't the "master", you'll have issues finding and connecting
to hosts, since the sub-processes only know about their consoles.


On Fri, Aug 27, 2010 at 03:57:56PM +0100, Dave Grubb wrote:
> Thanks for the swift and useful replies!
> For the time being I think I can swing them logging in with PuTTY and using remote commands, but I'm keen to try inetd as it's something I've never done before and looks like it could useful for other things. 
> Unfortunately, another problem has turned up this morning. When I launch conserver it connects to all my devices without any issues but it only allows console to connect to those devices with a specific PID attached?
> For example, if I try to connect to Bay_01, which has a PID of 1518, I don't get any problems. But when I try a different bay, say Bay_47 on PID 1520, I get the "localhost: Bay_47: no such console" message. Have I set something up incorrectly?
> [Fri Aug 27 09:41:42 2010] conserver (1518): INFO: [Bay_01] port 5001 on
> [Fri Aug 27 09:41:42 2010] conserver (1520): INFO: [Bay_47] port 5047 on
> Thanks for you time. 
> Dave. 
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