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RE: Problems with conserver after OS upgrade

Brodie, Kent brodie@mcw.edu
Fri, 5 Jun 2009 17:36:20 GMT

Hm!   OS Upgrade?   Check your HOSTS file.   Various unix's implement
the local host name differently.   If your node is phred, and its IP is
say,, there are two variations of host file layouts you
will see:		localhost.localdomain localhost phred

OR:		localhost.localdomain localhost	phred.my.domain phred

There are arguments for and against where to stick the local host name
(phred) - I have seen both, and I have seen applications break in one
versus the other.     One very strong possibility is you had the hosts
file one way, and the um, "OS Upgrade" put it back the other way.

Something to look for.


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Well, this could be an interesting failure mode with the SSL code, or
something changed such that conserver no longer believes it's running on
the host that's supposed to manage the consoles...................