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Problems with conserver after OS upgrade

Chris Ross cross+conserver@distal.com
Fri, 5 Jun 2009 02:48:53 GMT

Apologies for those who feel this is an OS problem, and you're likely right. That, and/or a "stupid user trick".

I was running NetBSD 4.0_STABLE for more than a year, with conserver 8.1.16 built from pkgsrc. This worked fine. I'd written a perl program to auto-login over a [telnet] connection to port 2000+ on my cisco access server. (I tried ssh at some point, but it appears I wasn't using that. Maybe I never got it to work?)

Anyway, I recently upgraded the base OS on the console server, and built a new version of conserver, still 8.1.16. Now, I seem to have no working consoles.

If I run "console -x", I simply get no output. If I try to console to a console, I get a brief pause followed by:

console: forwarding level too deep!

  Interestingly, I'm also seeing the following in the log:

[Thu Jun 4 22:46:46 2009] conserver (1139): ERROR: FileRead(): SSL error on fd

Any idea what's gone wrong? The console and conserver binaries should be built with the same version of openssl as are on the machine at the moment. Any other ideas as to what might be causing this issue?


                        - Chris