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Password not passing through

Steve Koinm skoinm@bcm.edu
Fri, 18 Jan 2008 12:25:58 -0800 (PST)

Hey folks, I have a new conserver installation that I'm doing and I'm having a weird issue. What appears to be happening is that the correct password isn't being passed on through.

Here's the conserver.cf stripped down to show what I'm doing.

### set up global access
default full	{ rw *; }

### set the defaults for all the consoles
# these get applied before anything else
default * {
	# The '&' character is substituted with the console name
	logfile /var/conserver/consoles/&;
	# timestamps every hour with activity and break logging
	timestamp 1hab;
	# include the 'full' default
	include full;
	# master server is localhost
	master localhost;

default conssh { type exec; exec /usr/local/bin/conssh P H; execsubst P=pd,H=hs; }

console swift {
port 44;
include conssh;
host cons-2;

######### The /usr/local/bin/conssh script looks like:

ssh -2 -q -x -t root:ttyS${PORT}@${TERMSRV}

If I run the conssh script with the parameters (/usr/local/bin/conssh 44 cons-2) and put in the password it drops me right in. If I do a 'console swift' it should be doing the same thing. But it asks for the password and rejects it. I've even tried changing passwords so that it is using one that doesn't have special characters in it but that doesn't seem to be it.