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initial console connection requires authentication

Ken Schumacher kschu@fnal.gov
Thu, 17 Jan 2008 14:53:12 -0800 (PST)

I have been struggling for several days trying to get a new instance of conserver to talk to a relatively new Opengear CM4148 terminal server. I have an older CM4148 (OpenGear/CM41xx Firmware Version 2.1.0u1) which is working just fine with this conserver host. But the newer unit (FW version 2.3.1u3) requires a login, presumably to authenticate to the Opengear device, before I can open the port to log console output and before I can login at the prompt on the serial console port.

I have read through the Opengear manual and do not see a way to set it up to allow access without some form of authentication. I did find a thread in this conserver users mailing list archive. It was dated 25 Sep 2007 under the title "console connection prompts for root password" That question was submitted by Lisa Doherty with an answer from David Harris. I believe that thread was talking about authenticating to the conserver software and not to the Opengear device.

Like Lisa was at that time, I am new to this list. I have been using older versions of conserver for over 10 years. This is the first instance of conserver version 8 that I am setting up. And I set up that older Opengear device over 18 months ago. I have spent way too long trying to get over this problem on my own. I have an e-mail into support@opengear.com. I would appreciate any help that list members could offer.

Ken Schumacher

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