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Re: Conserver vs Sun X4100

Mark Wedel Mark.Wedel@Sun.Com
Tue, 12 Sep 2006 12:57:41 -0700 (PDT)

Emmett Hogan wrote:
Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have conserver working with the console output from a Sun
X4100?  The only console access I seem to be able to find is:

1) Via the Ethernet MGMT interface where you connect via the web browser
and start their JAVA remote console process.  A nice feature, but not
compatible with conserver.

2) Via the Ethernet (or Serial) MGMT interface and you:
    a) Log into the ILOM
    b) run "start  /SP/console" and answer "y" to the question.
    ...and I am not even sure if this works.

We seem to be rolling these machines out at a pretty regular pace, so I
*really* would like to get them working with my conserver setup.

You can use a connect script like:

#!/usr/local/bin/expect -f
expect {
    "(yes/no)?"    {exp_send "yes\r"; exp_continue; }
    "password: " {exp_send "<your password>\r"; }
expect "\\-> "
send "cd /SP/console\rstart\r"
expect "(y/n)?"
exp_send "y\r"

I then have the conserver setup stuff like:

console foo {
 include ilom;
 exec ssh -l admin foo-ilom;
 type exec;
 initcmd "/path/to/above/script";


That seems to be working fine for us.