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RE: Telnet, again...

Moacir Ferreira MFerreira@comstore.pt
Thu, 7 Sep 2006 03:06:26 -0700 (PDT)

Title: Re: Telnet, again...

Thanks for your help Marion. I tested what you said using Putty and the behaviour has changed. I let Putty with its original setup up to the “^Ec;” sequence then I do what you say. Now when I press the return key Conserver I will get a single “^@login:” and it should be just “login:”. Then I type the logon name (in my case “admin”) and hit enter again and I will get a “admin” reply followed by a new line showing “^@login:” again and I can't login. Now I am sure that, for somehow, Conserver does not behave well when we connect to the server using Telnet. The first question I have is: Does anyone know any Telnet client that could be used in a Windows environment?


By other hand, it would be perfect if I let people login remotely to the Conserver box (lets say using Putty over SSH that is perfect for security reasons) and then let this user run the original Conserver console client. However, I am pretty dumb when it comes to configure Linux. I don’t know how to configure it so the remote user could not mess with the server… So, alternatively to my question above, does anyone in this thread knows a “howto” for dummies for setting up this  remote access without allowing a user to mess with the server?


Reading the e-mail threads about Telnet I could see that people does not understand why would someone use Telnet and Windows… I am trying to assemble a network lab where my clients could come in and do tests and configurations on my switches/routers for learning/testing proposes. Most of these clients are Windows oriented people. However, Putty is widely used tool, what would make my life very easy if I could use it as the remote client. Much better than this would be securing my system so my clients could Telnet over SSH, get a standard Linux console and use the original Conserver console client.


Thanks again!


From: users-bounces@conserver.com on behalf of Marion Hakanson
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To: Moacir Ferreira
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Subject: Re: Telnet, again...

MFerreira@comstore.pt said:
> I have tested it using Tera Term, Putty, Microsoft Telnet (Windows XP) and
> Linux telnet. Tera Term won't work. Linux Telenet will get "loose" once I try
> to connect (after "^Ec;"), Putty and Microsoft Telnet works like the same,
> after "^Ec;" when I press enter I get the "login:" message twice. I wish I
> can make my test lab public so you can come in and check what is wrong.

I've used putty in this mode to connect to an IOLAN Rack+ (reverse telnet).
To get rid of the "double return" problem, after you've started the putty
connection, right-click on the top of the putty window, select the
"Change Settings" item, then "Telnet", then de-select the check-box
labelled "Return key sends Telnet New Line instead of ^M".  Can't help
you with the other telnet clients.



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