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RE: Telnet, again...

Moacir Ferreira MFerreira@comstore.pt
Tue, 5 Sep 2006 14:25:25 -0700 (PDT)

Title: Re: Telnet, again...
Sorry for my late answers but I am at London time...
I have tested it using Tera Term, Putty, Microsoft Telnet (Windows XP) and Linux telnet. Tera Term won't work. Linux Telenet will get "loose" once I try to connect (after "^Ec;"), Putty and Microsoft Telnet works like the same, after "^Ec;" when I press enter I get the "login:" message twice. I wish I can make my test lab public so you can come in and check what is wrong.
If anyone reading this thread has already faced this problem, please let me know how to overcome it! It must be something I am doing wrong... Conserver is already a "mature" product so it must be my fault...

From: users-bounces@conserver.com on behalf of Marion Hakanson
Sent: Tue 9/5/2006 6:12 PM
To: Moacir Ferreira
Cc: David K. Z. Harris; users@conserver.com
Subject: Re: Telnet, again...

> However, when I start using the connection it works like if I where =
> pressing the enter key twice... This happens only when I connect to any =
> equipment console.

There's a telnet option which maps EOL to <CR><LF>;  You'll want to
turn that off for certain consoles.  E.g. for Unix-based telnet client,
it's probably "unset crlf", or something similar.



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