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Re: Too much data?

Chris Riddoch chrisr@digeo.com
Mon, 8 May 2006 13:48:12 -0700 (PDT)

keith patton wrote:
> Sounds like you have a flow control problem...
> The answer depends much on the device you are connected to and what it supports   ( xon/xoff , rts/cts )  
>   Verify what your remote device supports then turn on its corresponding option in the conserver.cf ( ie, ixon, ixoff, etc )
> Keith

Well, I checked the configuration people are using for TerraTerm, and
they're using no flow control: the options are Xon/Xoff, Hardware, or
None, and everyone's using None.

As for what the remote device supports... the other end is a Motorola
DCT Diagnostic Port.  Google's not being very helpful telling me
anything beyond what's on the sticker.  It's certainly a modern device,
with two serial and one USB connections hanging off it.  It has a
slightly larger form factor than a cardbus/pcmcia card.

I don't know if that helps...

     Chris Riddoch
epistemological humility