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Chris Riddoch chrisr@digeo.com
Fri, 10 Mar 2006 13:32:43 -0800 (PST)

I'm nearly there... conserver's running, and I can connect to it with
console locally and remotely just fine.  Just one more little issue:

I can telnet to the master server and do everything useful there.  I can
use 'call' to find the other port I need to connect to.  I can telnet to
that port, and log in, and initiate a connection to the serial port with
'call' there.  But once it's connected, I'm not getting output from the
serial port.  It's apparent from the logging by conserver that the
commands I type are being sent, but I can't see the results of doing so
on the telnet session.  This also suggests that conserver's not broken,
since it can at least log the stuff.  Again, 'console' seems just fine.

Also, I can't seem to connect directly to any ports with telnet -
nothing's listening on those ports.  Am I confused about what the
portbase, portinc, and port options are supposed to do?

My config file is largely unchanged since yesterday's post.  Other
details can be provided as necessary.

What gives?

     Chris Riddoch
epistemological humility