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RE: Multiple rw sessions?

Harris, David \(SBS US\) david.k.harris@siemens.com
Tue, 7 Mar 2006 16:07:32 -0800 (PST)

  Yes...but screen is only watching when I'm connected...

  With Conserver, the app is 'always watching', always logging.
When I connect to Conserver using the client, a note goes into
the log for the machine that I'm conencting to...and when I
disconnect from Conserver.

  When I'm connected, and you also connect, you are in read-only
mode, because I've got the write access...if you force-connect;

  + the log shows that you took the write access
  + my client shows that I was "bumped by matt_hannigan"
  + I get to see what you did in my scrollback

  When you disconnect from Conserver, write control reverts 
back to me, and another timestamp goes in the log. Even if
you simply go into 'spy mode', the write control reverts,
and the log entry is made.

  The write access is heirarchical...you steal it from me,
Bob steals it from you, Bryan takes it from Bob...the stack
now shows  zonker -> matt -> bob -> bryan... If Bob disconencts,
and then Bryan disconnect, it reverts directly to you, as you
are the next highest in the stack.

  The model here is;

  I get on a console, hack a bit, and then I get pulled into a
  meeting, or go to lunch...

  You need to get on the console...you *CAN*, in spy mode. BUT, 
  you also know who has write access ("no, zonker is connected").
  You can call me, send me email, walk to my cube...

  ^E-c-r replays the recent log (was I in the middle of a config?
  You don't just want to take control and hit [return] a few times!

  ^E-c-w shows who else is on the port, and how long we've been idle.
  (Have I gone home, or was I working on it a few minutes ago?)

  Can't reach me, and you *really* NEED write access? ^E-c-f, takes
  control, and you make your changes, and then ^E-c-s (spy mode) or
  ^E-c-. (disconnect), and I'm back where I was when you are done.
  (BUT, the master log shows that this has occurred.)

  The logging is important. Sometimes I'm monitoring a port from home,
via a VPN, and the link dies (or times out). I don't know what is
happening, and TCP still thinks my session is up. You are not impacted,
and can still do what you need to do. :-)


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On Tue, Mar 07, 2006 at 11:37:19AM -0800, Brian Matheson wrote:
> Is there a way to make conserver allow multiple read/write sessions to

> a single console?  I'm looking to use conserver to duplicate the 
> functionality of Cyclades ACS systems and this is sort of the last 
> feature I need to make it a drop-in replacement.

You could use the 'screen' program in front of console sessions.



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