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Re: Conserver Problems: Slow Start & SSL Errors

Ryan Kirkpatrick linux@rkirkpat.net
Sat, 3 Sep 2005 13:48:51 -0700 (PDT)

On Sat, 3 Sep 2005, Bryan Stansell wrote:

> anyway, apply the patch to 8.1.11 and let me know if you continue to see
> problems.  you shouldn't.

That fixed the log replay crashing of conserver! Yea! :) Thanks for your
effort in fixing this bug. 

Unless you see a reason otherwise, I will submit the patch to the Debian
bug tracking system for the conserver packages. That way, other Debian
users at least will be able to find it easily, if not get it included in
the next Debian update of the package. TTYL.

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