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Re: conserver -> cyclade, ssh timeouts

Phil Dibowitz phil@ticketmaster.com
Mon, 10 Oct 2005 18:51:37 -0700 (PDT)

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Christopher Fowler wrote:
> Tune the keep alives to be more often.  I think the default is 7200
> seconds.  Make it 300?
> I had the same issue with VPN tunnels between devices that needed to
> stay connected but were quiet.  I told pppd to send an echo packet every
> 60 seconds.  That solved that problem.
> Some firewalls/routers may be intelligent enough to see a keep alive and
> not count it.  I'm not a pro on that subject so I'm not sure.
> What concerns me most is why the Cyclades box does not see the failed
> connection.  when this happens are you basically locked out of that port
> until you do something like a reboot on the Cyclades?  If so I would
> call support and ask if there is a patch that fixes this.  

I don't have to reboot, but yes, I'm locked out of the port until I log
in and kill the sock_sshd process attached to that port.

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